Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

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Hey Shark Friends! 

Hip Hip Hurry, another new party is here! Baby Shark swam onto our shop a couple weeks ago, has received jawsome ratings, and has kept us on the tips of our fins! These little sharks have us treading water like never before.
Now you can Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo all day long while you celebrate your Little Shark’s birthday! Kaleigh is such an amazing Designer Shark, she designed not one, but TWO TWO TWO TWO TWO versions! 

^^^ CLICK the pics to see the WHOLE PARTY! ^^^

What's the difference? Mainly the color scheme - Oh! And the addition of SISTER SHARK! With sister shark and some pinks and purples, Baby Shark has taken a total-girly-twist! We are thrilled with the end results, and even more thrilled that our littlest sharks are loving the newest designs. 
How did we finally decide on adding Baby Shark to our design schedule? Our very own little shark Avelyn, who was turning two, was chomping at the bit for a Baby Shark party! Her very favorite party designer (Auntie Kaleigh) just could not deny her! I mean, with Avelyn Baby Sharking it up all day long, how could Baby Shark NOT swim it’s way into our shop! Look at that sweet face? 
This party was so fun to do! Take a look at some of the pictures for some great Baby Shark party ideas!
What would a new design be without a freebie? Well here it is: We’re giving away our one of our EDITABLE BABY SHARK SIGNS from our editable baby sharks signs SET - in both the original and girly design!



Don’t forget to save, pin, and share so all our other shark friends can see this fin-tastc new celebration!

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