Hey there partiers!

We are a mother/daughter team and this is our story.

I am Tiffani, and Kaleigh is one of my two beautiful daughters.
In 2014 Kaleigh was teaching at a local preschool, and getting ready to go off to college at BYU-Idaho in a few short months, when a parent of one of her preschoolers was telling Kaleigh she was frustrated because she could not find ANY party decor for her daughter's birthday theme. No stores sold it, it just didn't exist! So Kaleigh, being computer savvy, volunteered to try and design something herself.
If you're guessing the party theme was Frozen, then your right! Frozen took everyone by surprise and no one was ready for the huge success it would become. Our Frozen party was Kaleigh's first attempt at design which was amateurly designed on Microsoft Word! One the design was complete she decided to list it in the Etsy shop Krafts by Kaleigh just to see if it would sell. And did it sell? Why yes it did. All day, every day! Etsy was a young company back then, and so was Pinterest, but that didn't stop Frozen Fever that took over every Disney fan big and small. Chances are you have seen some of our most popular Frozen pins.
These Frozen food labels alone have been repined hundred of thousands of times, and our favor bag toppers were one of our best selling items. I mean, who DOESN'T want to build a snowman?

I ended up having to pitch in to help with the enormous amounts of orders, as  Kaleigh prepared to go off to college. Back in those days we were filling bags with marshmallows and candy corn noses - the assembly line was incredible! 

Krafts by Kaleigh blossomed into a party company seemingly overnight. One request after another started rolling in for party designs and a real company with a growing partyfolio began.

Although Kaleigh was a full time (and a half) college student with a second job, she made time to continue to design while I was at home (in another state) filling orders. Within a couple months we had to hire employees to outsource many of the daily jobs it took to run Krafts by Kaleigh.

We began getting featured on Catch My Party, Karas Party Ideas, MSN.com and Pop Sugar just to name a few.

Krafts by Kaleigh began expanding from not just parties, but also back to school chalkboard signs, Valentines, school lunch notes, and more!

Krafts by Kaleigh's back to school chalkboard signs were also featured on the cover of our local magazine! It was a huge honor to be featured as such a young company, and especially for a young 19 year old.

Over time, our "little krafty thing" developed into a full, thriving business and as we learned how to begin running it like a business, some changes needed to be made. In 2017 we decided to pull the plug on all copyrighted images and parties and from that point on we never looked back. While we continue to design parties inspired by some of our favorite children's films, we now proudly own all of our designs.

Kaleigh continues to make amazing designs, scheduled to launch two new parties every month! Now THAT'S something to celebrate!

All of our photographs come from the oh-so-talented Sarah with Sarah Thurman Photography! We are so thrilled to have her photography expertise on our team! We truly would not be where we are today without her!

Sarah Thurman Photography 

Krafts by Kaleigh has now rebranded to KbK Parties, and we are a premier designer and manufacturer of personalized children’s parties, gifts, holiday fun, and school decor made just for you and your little ones!

We sell all our products in digital format and also offer printing, cut, and shipping services as well.

So tell us, are you ready to celebrate? Because life with us is a party!

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