Printing Digital Orders FAQs

        1. What do I do if my print shop won't print my file because they said it is copyrighted?
        Some print shops will not print some designs that are inspired by licensed characters such as Disney due to a misunderstanding of fair use of copyright laws. You can find our copyright release to our designs here but note that some print shops may still refuse to print. We do not issue refunds due to print shop refusals to print. Please verify your printing method before purchasing.
            2. Why do the colors look a little different on my computer or printer?
            Colors may slightly vary (usually print darker than what's on the screen). KbK Parties cannot guarantee that the color on the computer is what your printer will print, all printers print colors differently.
                3. What do I do if my PDF keeps printing out blank?
                1. Ensure that your printer is turned on and connected.
                2. Choose File > Print, and then click Advanced. The location of the Advanced button depends on the version of Reader or Acrobat.
                3. Select Print as Image. The location of the Print as Image options depends on the version of Reader or Acrobat.
                4. Click OK to close the Advanced Print Setup dialog box, and then click OK to print.

                4. How do you suggest I print a background?

                We always recommend printing large format backgrounds and signs at your local Office Depot or Staples. To keep the cost low, we also recommend printing the background in 2-3 pieces and then adhering them together. By sending them the image and then asking them to print it in a few pieces, you'll generally be able to print it for about $15 or less.

                Most printers we've encountered will print up to about 24" wide so if you wanted to print the background 48" wide, for example, you would just print it in 2 pieces. If you wanted it to be 60" wide, you would print it in 3 pieces. Unfortunately KbK Parties does not send the background in multiple pieces. That is something your printing company will need to help you with. 

                However, if you chose to have it printed in one piece, there are many places online that are willing to do so though the cost does reflect the much greater size.

                5. What kind of paper do you recommend printing on?

                We always recommend printing on 110 lb card stock which you can find at your local Walmart in the office supply section for under $6.00.

                6. I ordered an editable digital PDF. Can I change the font and colors?

                All editable files have locked fonts, pieces and colors. The only part that will be able to be changed is the text which you can do on any standard computer (not a tablet, phone, ipad, etc.)

                7. Can I download my PDF on my phone or tablet?

                All PDF files should be downloaded on a standard computer ONLY. 

                8. What program do I need to use to open the files?

                You will need Adobe Reader to open your files so they will be formatted properly. Other programs (such as Preview for Mac users) WILL NOT format the files and editable fields properly. 

                9. What do I do if my designs are getting cut off when printing?

                Set your printer to print a MARGINLESS, FULL BLEED OR NO BORDER print.

                Print, Cut and Ship Orders FAQs

                1. What kind of paper do you print on?
                All products are printed on 110lb card stock. No items are printed on Avery labels or sticky paper of any kind. 

                2. Do the sticks come with the centerpieces? Bubbles come with the bubble wrappers? Water bottles come with the wrappers? Etc. 

                No. KbK Parties does the printing and cutting of all of our items but is a paper company only with the exception of gift bags which come fully assembled, "happy birthday" banners and deluxe garland banners that come tied with ribbon, and favor bag tags that come with ribbon. 

                3. Does anything come in the fully assembled gift bags?

                Fully assembled gift bags come empty but we recommend several of our products including bubble wrappers or a trinket with the favor bag tag attached to include in them which are available for purchase separately.

                4. Can I upgrade my shipping?

                Yes! All items are shipped with first class mail with an exception to complete party packages and gift bags which are shipped priority. All purchases can be upgraded to priority shipping upon request. For more information please contact us.

                5. Do you ship outside of the United States?

                Unfortunately we are only able to offer print, cut and ship services within the United States at this time. We do have PDFs available to all other regions of the world!

                Opperations FAQs

                1. What is your turn around time?
                All personalized PDF orders placed before 4pm PST will be filled the next day Monday through Friday. Personalized PDF orders are occasionally done on Saturdays as well, though it is not a regular business day. Personalized PDF orders are NOT filled on Sundays. 

                All print, cut and shipped orders are filled on the following time table, unless otherwise discussed in conversation: 

                 Date Ordered Ordered Processed Order Shipped
                Monday before 4pm PST Wednesday Thursday
                Tuesday before 4pm PST Wednesday Thursday
                Wednesday before 4pm PST Friday Saturday
                Thursday before 4pm PST Friday Saturday
                Friday before 4pm PST Monday Tuesday
                Saturday before 4pm PST Monday Tuesday
                Sunday before 4pm PST Tuesday Wednesday

                All CUSTOM PDF & print, cut and shipped orders will be completed in the custom timeframe given with the custom order.

                2. Can you design a custom party theme for me?
                Yes! We love doing custom orders! However, our custom orders book out months in advanced so if you'd like to get on our design schedule, please be sure to contact us as soon as possible! Please note we do not create any parties with copyrighted images. I.E. Elsa & Anna, Baby Shark, Bubble Guppies, etc. For more information please contact us.

                Policy FAQs

                You can find answers to all of your questions about our hours of operationshippingrefunds and returnsprintingproofs and revisionsuse and distribution and photo sharing in our policies section >> HERE <<.