African American Superhero Centerpieces

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Superhero themed party decor!



► 8 Piece Word Bubble Set includes the following: 

► 1 of each of the following FULL PAGE text bubbles ("Whap!" "Bang" "Pow!" "Bam" "Ouch" "Ka-Pow!" "Wham!!" "!!!!")

► 12 Piece Superhero Set includes the following: 

► 2 of each of the following FULL PAGE superhero cut outs (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America)

► 4 HALF PAGE text bubbles ("Whap!" "Bang" "Pow!" "Bam")

► 16 Piece Deluxe Superhero Set includes the following: 

► 2 of each superhero cut out (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, approx. 10" tall)

► 1 of each of the following full page text bubbles ("Whap!" "Bang" "Pow!" "Bam" "Ouch" "Ka-Pow!" "Wham!!" "!!!!")

► Printed on 110 lb card stock. Sticks, buckets and other props used with the centerpieces not included. Paper only.



► Some pictures shown may not reflect African American Superheroes as these photos were adapted from our Caucasian Superhero party HOWEVER ALL PARTY ITEMS sent will reflect African American superheroes when placing an order through this listing. 

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