African American Superhero Party Package

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>> PRINTED, CUT and SHIPPED! What's Available? <<

► Banner (One strand says, “Happy” the other “Birthday,” 4 superhero pennants tied on the ends, fully assembled, tied with ribbon, each pennant 9" x 7.75" )

► Bubble Wrappers (Fits 4 oz. bottles, 4 designs, 5.75” x 2.25”)

► Candy Bar Wrappers (5.25”x 5.75”, fit standard Hershey's candy bars, EDITABLE Nutrition Facts)

► Centerpiece Cutouts (12 Piece Superhero Set includes: 2 of each of the following FULL PAGE superhero cut outs (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America) and 4 HALF PAGE text bubbles ("Whap!" "Bang" "Pow!" "Bam"))

► Cupcake Toppers (Pre-cut 2.5" round circles. For every 1 Superhero Topper, you receive 2 word bubble toppers (For Example, a set of 12 cupcake toppers receives 4 superheros and 8 word bubble toppers))

► Cupcake Wrappers ( Pre-cut, 4 designs, Straight and scalloped edges, slit not included - adhere in the back with clear tape)

► Deluxe Garland Banner (Includes 8 Text Bubbles each approximately full page. Words include: "!!!!", "Ka-Pow!", "Whap!", "Bam", "Bang", "Pow!", "Outch!", "Wham!" strung together and tied with ribbon)

► Food Tent Labels (8 blank food labels, 3.5” x 4.5)

► Gift Bag Fronts and Accessories (4 Full page Superhero Designs, Cut Down to Size. We use 8.5" x 5.5" bags)

► Napkin Rings (4 Superhero Designs)

► Party Bag Tags (Precut 2.5" circles)

► Signs (8 Designs, 8" x 10", "Welcome Superheroes!" "Happy Birthday!" "Calling all Superheros!" "Superhero Training Facility!" "Choose your superhero" "No Villains Allowed" "Superhero Headquarters" "Thanks for Coming")

► Water Bottle Wrappers (8.75” x 2”, Fits Standard and Mini Water Bottles)

► If a SINGLE SUPERHERO is selected, that is the only design you will receive. For example, all Batman wrappers say "Bang" and all Captain America wrappers say "Pow" etc. 



► Some pictures shown may not reflect African American Superheroes as these photos were adapted from our Caucasian Superhero party HOWEVER ALL PARTY ITEMS sent will reflect African American superheroes when placing an order through this listing. 

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