Lego Ninjago Food Tent Labels

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Lego Ninjago themed party decor!



► Food Tent Labels ( 3.5” x 4.5”)

4 Character images: Red, White,  Blue, and Black Ninjago.

Food Names are as follows:

Spinjitzu Sticks
Sensei’s Sushi
Ninja Power
Ninja Boost Activator
Ninja Fuel
The Snake Pit
Dragon Eggs
PB Sushi Rolls
Ninjago Jello
Fortune Cookies
Constrictai Fangs
Snake Fangs
Pizza Egg Rolls
Rice Krispy Sushi
Cake Pops
Ninja Juice
Yogurt Covered Raisins
Faux Sushi
Earth Dragon
Fruit Swords
Ninja Nachos
Ninjago Nachos
Ninja Nuggets
Ninjago Nuggets
Kai’s Kabobs 
Sensei’s Salad
Sensei’s Salsa
Cole’s Cupcakes
Cole’s Cake Pops
Cole’s Cake
Lloyd’s Lemon Water
Lloyd’s Lunch
Jay’s Juice
Ninjago Noodles
Ninja Noodles
Ninja Drinks
Ninja Cookies
Ninja Nunchaku’s
Sensei’s Sandwiches
Lego Pizza
Ninjago Party
Happy Birthday
Please Take One
Brick Brownies
Ninja Jello
Mac & Cheese
Veggies & Dip
4 Blank

► We can customize up to 8 more food labels if you choose personalization. Please leave your food names in the box above.

► Printed on 110 lb card stock



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