Minnie Mouse Red Food Tent Labels

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Minnie Mouse Red themed party decor!



► Food Tent Labels (4 designs, 50+ food names, 3.5” x 4.5”)

►Designs:Red Minnie, Black Minnie, Balloons, Cake

Food names are as follows:

Clarabelle Cakepops
Plutos Popcorn
Hot Diggity Dogs
Donalds Fruit Dip
Daisys Fruit Punch
Minnies Bow Tie Pasta
Mickeys Mac-N-Cheese
Donalds Cheese and Quackers
Daisys Garden Veggies
Clubhouse Sandwiches
Meeska Mooska Muffins
Clarabelles Cookies
Minnie Oreos
Goofys Grapes
Daisys Dips
Plutos Pinwheels
Figaros Fruit Kabobs
Donalds Deviled Eggs
Plutos Pretzels
Clarabelles Cheese Puffs
Goofys Goldfish
Daisys Desserts
Mickeys M&Ms
Mouska Treats
Mickey Mouse Snack Shack
Plutos Punch
Minnies Munchies
Mouska Tools
Mickeys Macaroni Salad
Plutos Pulled Pork
Donalds Dips and Chips
Handy Helpers
Plutos Drink Bowl
Plutos Dog Water
Petes Baked Beans
Plutos PB&J
Clarabelles Crispies
Daisys Devilish Eggs
Minnie M&Ms
Clubhouse Crackers
Minnie Pizzas
Toodles Noodles
Toodles Bow Ties
Toodles Treats
Clarabelle Candy
Mickeys Mashed Potatoes
Mickeys Milkshakes
Clarabelles Carrots
Figaros French Fries
Plutos Pudding
Chips & Dale Dip
4 Blank Labels Included

 ►Printed on 110 lb card stock

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