Tangled Food Tent Labels

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Tangled themed party decor!



► Food Tent Labels (4 designs, 3.5” x 4.5”)

► Rapunzel with Pascal, Mother Gothel in Tower, Flynn and Maximus, Short Hair Rapunzel with Sun, Rapunzel with Pascal and Frying Pan

Food names are as follows:

Best Burritos Ever
Best Chocolate Ever
Best Dates Ever
Best Ice Cream Ever
Best Veggies Ever
Dream Dip
Dream Donuts
Lantern Lasagna
Gothel's Gnocchi
Flynn's Fajitas
Lantern Lemon Bars
Lantern Lemonade
Gothel's Graham Crackers
Flynn's Falafel
Lantern Linguine
Lantern Lollipops
Gothel's Granola
Flynn's Fondu
Lantern Licorice
Princess Cake Pops
Gothel's Grapes
Flynn's Franks
Princess Cupcakes
Princess Pops
Gothel's Gumbo
Flynn's French Dip
Princess Punch
Rapunzel's Rainbow Sherbet
Gothel's Grape Juice
Flynn's French Fries
Rapunzel's Raspberries
Rapunzel's Raspberry Cheesecake
Tower Cake
Flynn's French Toast
Rapunzel's Reuben
Rapunzel's Rope
Tower Cupcakes
Flynn's Fresh Fruit
Pascal's Pancakes
Pascal's Pepperoni
Tower of Tater Tots
Flynn's Fruit Dip
Pascal's Pizza
Pascal's Popsicle
Tower of Toast
Flynn's Fruit Punch
Pascal's Punch
Maximus' Marshmallows
Maximus' Mashed Potatoes
Maximus' Meatballs
Maximus' Milk
Maximus' Milkshake's
4 blank

► We can personalize up to 8 more food labels if you choose personalization. Please leave your food names in the box above.

► Printed on 110 lb card stock



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