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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed party decor!



► Food Tent Labels ( 3.5” x 4.5”)

► 4 Character images: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello

Food Labels include:

Cowabunga Cake
Cowabunga Cake Pops
Cowabunga Cookies
Cowabunga Cupcakes
Leonardo's Lasagne
Mikey's Mac N' Cheese
Rafael's Rainbow Sherbert
Donatello's Deserts
Leonardo's Lemon Meringue
Mikey's Macaroni Salad
Rafael's Rasberries
Donatello's Dill Pickles
Leonardo's Lemonade
Mikey's Mangoes
Rafeal's Ravioli
Donatello's Dip
Leonardo's Lettuce Wraps
Mikey's Meatballs
Rafael's Red Jello
Donatello's Donuts
Leonardo's Lime Jello
Mikey's Milk Shake's
Rafael's Rice Crispies
Donatello's Dumplings
Leonardo's Lollipops
Mikey's Muffins
Rafael's Wraps
Sensei's Egg Drop Soup
Fruit Swords
Mikey's Marshmallow Crispies
Kraag Krispies
Ninja Fuel
Ninja Power
Ninjs Turtle Cookies
Ninja Turtle Nachos
Ninja Turtle Noodles
Ninja Turtle Nuggets
Sewer Dip
Sewer Water
Splinter's Salad
Splinter's Salsa
Splinter's Sandwhiches
Splinter's S'Mores
Splinter's Speghetti
Splinter's Sushi
The Foot Roll Ups
The Foot Fruit Salad
Turtle-Tastic Pasta Salad
Turtle-Tastic Tater-Tots
Ninja Turtles
Weclcome Ninjas
4 blank

► We can customize up to 8 more food labels if you choose personalization. Please leave your food names in the box above.



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