Toy Story Food Tent Labels Printable PDF

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Toy Story themed party decor!



► Food Tent Labels (3.5” x 4.5”)

►4 Designs: ►Designs: 2 characters on each design (Buzz and Alein, Jesse and Bullseye, Woody and Hamm, and Mr. & Mrs. Potatoe Heads and Rex.)

Food Labels include:

Alien Juice
Alien Punch
Army Men’s Green Salad
Build your Own Spud Bar
Bullseye’s Burgers
Bullseye’s Veggies
Buzz’s UFO Burgers
Cowboy Chili
Cowboy Cookies
Cowboy Corn
Cowgirl Cookies
Cowgirl Treats
Fruit Rockets
Hamm Sandwiches
Hamm’s Ham and Cheese
Jesse’s Jello
Jesse’s PB&J
Light Year Rods
Light Year Sticks
Mr. Baked Potato Head
Mr. Mashed Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head Chips
Mr. Potato Head Fries
Mr. Potato Head Salad
Pizza Planet
Pizza Planet Pizza Buffet
Pizza Planet Pizza Rolls
Please take one
Poisonous Water Hole
Rex’s Herbivore Salad
Rocket Fuel
Rocket Krispies
Sheriff Badges
Sheriff Station Snacks
Slinky Dog French Fries
Slinky Dog Pasta
Slinky Wiener Dogs
Sloppy GI Joes
Space Dip
Space Juice
Space Ranger Fuel
There’s a Snake in my Boot
To Infinity and Beyond
Toy Story Sweets
Toy Story Treats
Watering Hole
Woody Marshmallows
Woody’s Watermelon
Yodeling Cowgirl Yummies
You’ve got a Friend in Me
4 Blank

► We can personalize up to 8 more food labels if you choose personalization. Please leave your food names in the box above.



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