Toy Story Party Package

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Create Your Own Toy Story party package!


>> PRINTED, CUT and SHIPPED! What's Available? <<

► Banner (Two strands, one says, “Happy,” the other “Birthday.” Strung with ribbon, each pennant is 9" x 7.75")

► Bubble Wrappers (Fits 4 oz. bottles, Personalized for your child, 5.75” x 2.25”)

► Candy Bar Wrappers (Personalized for your child, 5.25”x 5.75”, fit standard candy bars)

► Centerpieces (15 Pieces and includes: 1 Woody, 1 Buzz, 1 Forky, 1 Jessie, 1 Bo Peep, 1 Billy Goat Gruff, 1 Bullseye, 1 Rex, 1 Hamm, 1 Mr. Potato Head, 1 Mrs. Potato Head, 1 Rocket, 3 Aliens)

► Cupcake Toppers (Personalized 2.5" circles and/or premium character cut outs) 

► Cupcake Wrappers (4 designs, straight and scalloped wrappers)

► Deluxe Garland Banner (Your child's name strung with ribbon)

► Favor Bag Tags (2.5 Inch Circles; Use them for Gift Bag Tags, Favor Tags, or for Treats!).

► Favor Bag Toppers (Fits standard and snack size baggies, 6.75"x 2" when folded)

► Food Tent Labels (3.5” x 4.5)

► Gift Bags (Fully assembled, 8.5" x 5.5" bags, nothing inside bags, 6 designs available)

► Napkin Rings (6 designs)

► Signs (8 signs: "Happy Birthday (Name)", "Welcome to (Name's) Toy Party", "Welcome to our Round Up", "Wanted $50 Bzillion Reward", "Pizza Planet", "Build Your Own Toy Forky", "Welcome Space Rangers", "(Your custom sign on Etch-a-sketch)" Please indicate what you'd like it to say in the notes section. 

► Water Bottle Wrappers (Personalized for your child, Fits Standard and Mini Water Bottles, 8.75” x 2”)



Everything is printed on 110 lb card stock

► We just send the PAPER for your celebration with an exception to the ribbon used to tie the banners. No bubbles, candy bars, buckets for centerpieces, cupcake sticks, baggies, napkins, water, etc. are included.

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